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Painting on various surfaces

Imagine a magical fairytale world or a soft blue seashore in your or your child's interior. Or maybe your or your child's favourite characters are just waiting to be in your room? It doesn't have to be on the walls, it can be on the objects in the room.

Exclusive design and painting is not only aesthetic, bright and unusual, it is also an opportunity to harmoniously match the furniture to the interior of the flat. So you can give a theme and style to the whole design.

Or maybe you have old items that have lost their original look, I'll not only give them a second life, but I'll also bring something new that will make you look at an old, familiar item from a different angle. Often, beautiful, cool, interesting things come out of seemingly outdated grandmother's chairs, tables and chests of drawers that are completely nondescript.

If you're tired of old furniture, does the room look boring and bland? Don't be in a hurry to "write off" old wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedside tables and other items. Painting furniture can give it a new lease of life. I can turn any image your imagination paints into reality.

Props for artistic photography, film, theatre. Or maybe you want to make your laptop unique? Does a cot not look childish enough? Painting can be done on virtually any surface, giving it a personal touch or even changing its appearance and purpose. Don't be afraid to ask, I'm always open to advice and suggestions.

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